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91 Route 23 south
Riverdale, N.J. 07457
All work you see on this blog has been done by me, Joe Kennedy.
Tattooing since 1989.
I love working with a customer's ideas and help to get those ideas translated into the skin.
From the simple, to elaborate custom work.
As you will see, throughout this blog, that I do all kinds of work and work in many tattoo styles.





Tinkerbell's Return....Butt

A very nice first tattoo, a classic image of Disney's Tinkerbell. So what do you all think?
Disney has been such an inspiration to the people of the world and his work shows up in tattooing all the time. So if you are looking for tattoo designs maybe look to the art of Walt Disney.Tinkerbell href="">This tinker belle was taken from a sweater embroidery.Tinkerbell Hey when you get a tattoo of your favorite image, remember to put the image on in a positive direction. Tinkerbell should be looking and or flying in the same direction as you are. Many times I have seen a good tattoo only to be put off by the fact that it is moving in the wrong direction. So if your tattoo has a direction to it, then it should be place on your body in a positive direction.

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