Tattooing By Joe Kennedy

Tattoo Connection
91 Route 23 south
Riverdale, N.J. 07457
All work you see on this blog has been done by me, Joe Kennedy.
Tattooing since 1989.
I love working with a customer's ideas and help to get those ideas translated into the skin.
From the simple, to elaborate custom work.
As you will see, throughout this blog, that I do all kinds of work and work in many tattoo styles.





Tattoo from 2014

 some tattoo from 2014 done at Tattoo Connection. See more at


 My first large tattoo at the new shop. Tattoo Connection in Riverdale NJ is a very hi-class professional shop. Stop on in for a visit and check out the new locale.

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Creepy Tree Tattoo

Final picture of tattoo cover up, check older posts and see how this guitar played until I turned into a tree.



Flowers in Pastel

Starting with the existing rose, I reworked the rose  and then added the free flowing flowers. Soft colors and spring flowers make this unique tattoo.


Chrysanthemum Tattoo

The blue chrysanthemum graces her side. Japanese style tattoos often feature the chrysanthemum,a very favored flower in the Japanese culture.


My Cupcake!

My little cupcake. A fresh tattoo for a daughter that is her cupcake. A very fun tattoo, with the pink cupcake icing and the random color sprinkles. Tattooing for me is always exciting as i never know what I will be doing day to day, a creative way of life. Let's get together and plan your next tattoo.


Om Namaste!

Done in a brush stroke style as if done with a calligraphy brush.
Spirituality plays a big part in many people's tattoos.

POW-MIA You are not forgotten.

I really enjoy doing tattoos, especially when I get to do stuff like this tattoo on an American veteran. Thank a Vet!  A shout out to our veterans and active military, You are never forgotten!


Pittsburgh Steelers Fan

A big Pittsburgh Steelers fan added to his arm with a "Terrible Towel" tattoo. So how much of a football fan are you?


Horoscope: Libra Scales Tattoo

One of my latest tattoos, this one being the scales of Libra. Done in a fine line black and grey style this tattoo is this young man's second tattoo. Horoscopes are often a subject of tattoos, from the small Greek symbol to large design like this one. So what is your sign?


Tattoo Guns

Tattoo guns, no not tattoo machines, as so many people refer to, these old school style pistols are just cool tattoos. Pistols are something I get to tattoo on people a few times a year and these examples will give you an idea of how they would look on different body parts. Got guns?


See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil

When creepy meets beauty, we end up with skulls and flowers tattooed together with the See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil skeletons. The fascination with skulls as tattoo theme has no end and no beginning. Skulls are as popular as ever as tattoos.

The Tell Tale Heart Tattoo?

Working with dark reds and some deep shading the dark heart makes for an effective cover up.


Minnesota Viking Tattoo

Another NFL based tattoo, this one is a memorial for his fallen friend.

Raider Nation Remember Al Davis

Raider Nation fan shows his respect for Al Davis. Football lost a great coach in 2011, Al Davis will be missed.


Leo The Lion Zodiac Tattoo

I like the clean lines of this tribal tattoo. The power of the lion really comes through as a tattoo. Zodiac is often the subject of tattoos I do. So what's your sign?


Tribal Polynesian Style Tattoo

The Polynesian tattoo style has been gaining in popularity here in New Jersey. Lately I have been tattooing a lot of these free flowing tattoo designs. They are drawn for the body part and are meant to enhance the shape.

Purple Passion Flower Tattoo

What a great way to show off your favorite color as a big purple flower tattoo on your shoulder.
This free hand flower tattoo was drawn to fit the shoulder. When choosing a tattoo remember that anything that you decide on should fit the body part that you are tattooing. Tattoo look better when they are properly placed and sized to fit.


Follow Me U.S. Army Infantry

U.S. Army Infantry tattoo. I am always proud of our men and women who serve in the U.S. military and enjoy it when I get to tattoo an active member of the service. Remember to say thank you when you encounter any of these fine people.


Tribal Lion and Tribal Tiger Tattoo

Just a couple of tribal animal designs I did recently. Even though these design are tribal, they still capture the essence of the animal. Nice clear lines and solid color will insure that these tattoos look good far into the future.

Tattoo Designs